Pokemon Sorted by Pokedex Colour – Gotta Scrape ’em All.

The Viz

Below is a plot of all current 720 Pokemon plotted in a bar chart based on Pokedex colour entry value. Click the picture to see the full 5MB version in a new tab, or click here for a Google Drive link to the 100MB PDF if you require a massive resolution to work with (such as for desktop wallpapers or posters).

Every Pokemon grouped by Pokedex colour entry on a bar plot


Nothing, absolutely nothing, brings about more waves of childhood nostalgia to me than Pokemon. With trading card games, TV shows/movies, video games and soon augmented reality mobile apps, it comes as no surprise that the Pokemon franchise is the second most successful video game franchise after Mario. Certainly pokemon was an immersive culture back when I was a child, with journalists coining Pokemania as a way to describe a part of the young millennial zeitgeist. Perhaps then, it is not too surprising that after so many hours of conditioning as a child, my first web scraping project turned out to be related to Pokemon. Seventeen years later and still brainwashed to catch ’em all, I guess.


The Code

The code for this program was written a year ago as a project for teaching myself web scraping. It is written in  Python and uses the BeautifulSoup module to obtain data from Bulbapedia and visualize it with some simple LaTeX code. As the code snippet for this post, I will provide an example of collecting data from the table of all pokemon on Wikipedia, as a demonstration of what one can do.

In the last column, we can see undesirable traits bleeding through the scraping process. These can be readily fixed by applying a function to that column which strips everything before the beginning of a proper noun.

Awesome! We now have a whole table of pokemon to work with in the future! A word of caution should be added here. Web scraping can be an intensive process and possibly shut down smaller sites if done improperly, whenever you collect data from the internet please do it kindly so as not to disrupt the page owners. Some pages also express wishes that you not scrape their data so if you would like to gather some info be sure to read and reflect on the terms of use.

link to pokemon related website pokedex.org


Still have some latent, nostalgic, Pokemania? Check out these other awesome visualizations/organizations of Pokemon. The website pokepalettes.com break down the colour palettes of each Pokemon and pokedex.org is a comprehensive Pokedex! I should also mention the free and largely fan based Pokemon Zeta/Omicron. Much of the community exists in the subreddit dedicated to it and for a long while fan feedback went into making an adult Pokemon game. It kept much of the original Pokemon charm while incorporating grown up themes such as: harder mini-puzzles, elaborate trading, swearing, and even characters dying via human sacrifice to power up other Pokemon.

link to pokemon related website pokepalettes.com

What Did You Think?

Love the viz? Think it’s sacrilege that throughout the article I wrote Pokemon instead of Pokémon? Questions about how you could go about doing this for Digimon or Yu-Gi-Oh? Have a burning desire to share your Pokemon dream team of only one colour (I’m thinking: Venomoth, Cloyster, Nidoking, Mewtwo, Arbok, Gengar) ? I’d love if you would add a comment below or tweet at microbrewdata. As always please subscribe to the Twitter or Facebook pages. Seeing others enjoy/critique my work is one of my favourite parts of this website and subscribing is a good way to never miss a post!

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5 thoughts on “Pokemon Sorted by Pokedex Colour – Gotta Scrape ’em All.

  1. I bet someone at Game Freak at one point made a graph like this, noticed all the pink, and realized those should all be their own type too. Thus, we got fairy pokemon.

  2. It’s a very nice viz. I would like to present it to my son at christmas in form of a puzzle.
    Is it possible for you to expand the code so that the names of the pokemons appear at the viz under the pictures? It would be so nice. The code I can see, is it the whole code?

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I can expand the code to include the names of the Pokemon. To clarify you would like each Pokemon to have their respective name underneath their image?

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