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Here you will find a continuously updated set of links directing to other comprehensive sites about different particular subjects relevant to this site. Some are excellent resources or forums on visualization, others are websites who consistently produce quality work or various aggregators.

Other Blogs:

Run by my good friend Jonah Miller, a research buddy in a different field who I meet up with every weekend to do research and drink tea/coffee/espresso, thephysicsmill is your go to place for everything General Relativity. Keeping true to the sites motto physics and math for everyone: Jonah breaks down complex physics into bite-sized thought experiments and logical deductions for readers. He is also the master of Maple plotting!


One of the inspirations for this site was Randal Olson’s blog which has a plethora of high quality, interesting graphs. I hope someday this site will attain the same impact as his!



You’ve probably already heard of reddit but the content posted to /r/dataisbeautiful is simply too good a source of inspiration to not mention. If you haven’t I highly encourage you to check out the forum sort by “best” and choose “all time” to see some really great visualizations.

I don’t think he’s ever visualized data but Captain Disillusion (or Alan Melikdjanghpohjsdfkhasdks…. according to his landing page video) has done some amazing visualizations. Explaining the sophisticated and often weird world of video editing he provides a logical deconstruction of every viral video you probably have already seen. Here he is explaining Intra/Interframe compression, planar tracking and pixel clustering and if you have a spare 10 minutes his amazing Darrin Brown Lotto Debunk  (video starts on the 4th video in of the TAM7 covery.


Finally I have decided to include the work of video editer Tony Zhou. Discussing visualization at it’s most abstract level. Describing ways to analyze visualizations I never thought of from the importance of chairs in movies, the work of David Fincher, or the explanation of visual comedy



I am also adding my good friend Alex Stringer’s blog. His blog has just started – but during my undergrad I lived in the same house with him for two years and I expect great things to come. Check it out if you’re interested in a statistician’s view of life and learning the responsible way to analyse data. Or maybe even someday a mathematician’s rebuttal to this video we used to bicker over :).