Does the Dog Die? A Whimsical Analysis on the Outcome of Pets in Movies

The Viz is a website which hosts the outcome of pets in movies. The site was created as a way for sensitive viewers to learn the outcome of pets before choosing to watch a movie. I was curious to see how the genre of the movie affects the outcome of a dog die.

Dogs & Movies

This is my cat, his name is Chai, as in chai tea. I love him – even though he gets in the way while I cook (you won’t even eat veggies silly cat!), or when he’s outside my door meowing at 5 am (because, fun fact: cats are crepuscular). He will always be my adorable stinky cat that knows if I’ve had a bad day. I think many people can relate to these feelings I have with Chai with their own special friend, which is why I thought was such a nice site. It’s quite nice to see over 3000 people contribute to a somewhat whimsy but helpful service directed towards audiences who might’ve lost a dear friend recently. I thought I’d contribute to the site by taking a look at all of results on the site.

The Data

All data was obtained from as well as the little dog icons on the visualization. The data was collected a few months ago before I started microbrewdata and it has been updated a little since.

The Code

For our code snippet we  start at a point in the analysis where  have the number of crying (c), happy (h) and sad (s) dog icons sorted into how many instances were found across the genres.

We want to perform an elementary (after you learn it!) operation, to find the average contribution of each status to a genre. To do this we need to break it down into two efficient steps

1.) find how many instances are in each genre
2.) divide each genre by the value found in step 1

we can put these steps into a small function that does this with some simple Pandas commands.

Could it really of been that easy?! Let’s take a look (and if you’re going to execute this code you can plot it as well).


Ever wondered how dog (or more generally pet) deaths affect movie ratings over the years? I did, unfortunately I didn’t really see any patterns so I stop wondering shortly after! Below is one of the outputs I looked at plotting IMDB Rating versus year for movies on This was one of my intermediate graphs for this project to see if the rating/year/outcome topic might be interesting to pursue.  The y-axis is the IMDB rating, x-axis is the year the movie was released, blue means the dog lives (‘h’ for ‘happy icon’), green means the dog gets injured (‘s’ for ‘sad icon’), and red means the dog dies (‘c’ for ‘crying icon’).


chaiWhat Did You Think?

Think less dogs should die in movies? Want to tell me you’re favourite sad pet movie? I’d love if you would add a comment below or tweet at microbrewdata. As always please subscribe to the Twitter or Facebook pages. Seeing others enjoy/critique my work is one of my favourite parts of this website and subscribing is a good way to never miss a post – or perhaps see a picture of Chai!

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